What is Kennel Cough in Dogs?

What is Kennel Cough in Dogs?

Kennel cough simply means a respiratory infection in dogs, which takes placed in the kennels mostly. However, this disorder is also contagious in other places. Kennel cough is a disorder which comes in form of bronchitis. It is a condition that can be passed easily among dogs. It is commonly caused by a bacterium known as Bordatella. This bacterium has been used to make a vaccine which is recently being used to prevent the spread of the disorder. This write up will give you several tricks that can assist you deal effectively with kennel cough.

What are the Various Tips that Can be Used to Deal with Kennel Cough?

Essentials you will Require Having



*Thermometer and Lube

*Well ventilated kennel facility


Tip# 1: Giving the Dog Bordalleta Vaccination:-

First, and foremost, as we’ve learnt, kennel cough is a condition caused by Bordatella and is contagious in dogs but not spreadable to other creatures. Generally, before you kennel your dog, it is important that you always give it bordatella vaccine so that you can reduce its chances of contracting the condition.

Tip# 2: In case you had Taken your Dog Camping:-

If you’ve gone to camp with your dog or incase you had taken it to any doggie day care, once you get back home you must ensure that you listen to the dog’s chest. If you hear wheezing or if you will notice that the pet’s temperature is up, there is a higher probability that your dog might have contracted kennel cough. This means that in order for you to avoid the condition, it is ideal that you give your dog Bordatella vaccine five days before you take it camping or to a doggie day care.

Tip# 3: Giving your Dog Antibiotics:-

There are different effective antibiotics that are being used to get rid of kennel cough. Ampicillin, amoxillin and clamavox are some of them. However, not all antibiotics that you can buy over- the- counter can be effective. For instance, penicillin cannot be used to read off the condition as Bordatella isn’t sensitive to it. Therefore, you must make sure that you consult a vet in your area so that you can be advised on which antibiotics to buy.

What are the Other Treatment Alternatives that Can Be Used to Get Rid of Kennel Cough?

Giving your Pet Vitamin Supplements:-

Vitamin supplement are ideal since they can boost the immunity of your dog. If your dog has got a strong, healthy immune system, it will recover quickly from the condition. However, a dog with an impaired or low immunity system will not fight the infection easily and therefore will likely suffer from a severe case of kennel cough.

Making Use of a Humidifier:-

A humidifier will be appropriate also since it will help the dog breathe easily. When your dog is suffering from kennel cough, it simply means that its suffering is as a result of an irritated airway. Using a humidifier is essential since it will give out moisture that can assist in relieving that irritation.  If it is cold you may want to get a company like Alpha Air to come and set up a small heater for the dog.  Alpha Air in my area have been around for over 25 years doing with affordable Baton Rouge heating and air with high quality work!

Last, but not least, if the symptoms of kennel cough persist, do not hesitate consulting any genuine nearby vet in your area.